More Than Just A Power Support Company!

With our outstanding pool of resources both internally and externally, we have provided tested and proven results in the power support industry which attests to our competence.

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Provision Of Support Facilities:


As a firm with a strong and world class team of power support and protection specialists, we provide durable and reliable UPS facilities within and outside the shores of Nigeria. We also provide a full part list for your product upon request.

Our engineers provide relevant training both at our company and at the site of installation.

We are proud to have provided safe and efficient uninterruptible power supply systems, inverters and stabilizers to our clients for over 30 years.

Provision Of Maintenance/Repair Services

Our engineers are well experienced in maintenance of UPS systems. We carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance.

We do preventive maintenance to retain the integrity of the battery and boost the functioning of the power system while our corrective maintenance is carried out to fix a problem as well as get the problematic unit working.

To carry out repair services for UPS systems, inverters or stabilisers we run checks to detect problems that causes malfunctioning. Afterwards, we proceed to repair faulty parts in such way that suits the product peculiarities and prolong its lifespan.

With so many years of experience and a wide range of exposure, we know the intricacies of managing and properly maintaining power support systems.

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Provision Of Replacement And Spare Parts

When there is need of replacement of the parts of a UPS System, we provide original and durable spare parts shipped directly from the products manufacturer. All our spare parts are verified to meet safety, efficiency and reliability standards.

We collaborate with our international partners to provide adequate replacement of products. Our engineers are also well experienced in supplying or fixing of spare parts.

We ensure that our clients get timely access to spare parts as it is crucial for maintenance of UPS systems as well as constant power supply.


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